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IPv6 Capable Hosting

Hello, I’m another Adobe Muse user looking to switch. One of my goals is that my sites be entirely IPv6 compatible. I would be hosting the sites myself, not using Webflow hosting.

I have looked at some of the sample code generated by Webflow and this will fail on IPv6 because the Cloudfront distribution where the stylesheets are located is not V6-capable (which is odd as it’s just a tickbox on Cloudfront to make them V6 compatible). The Google stuff works fine on IPv6 so it’s just the stuff that is failing.

My question is simple: do I have the option with Webflow sites to NOT use the provided Cloudfront distributions and host everything (including stylesheets and javascript libraries) on my own hosting?

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Reg

If you are looking to host elsewhere, you can export the site. The assets will be included in the zip file and linked to with relative paths in the HTML (it will not contain any links to cloudfront.)

As for IPv6 support with Webflow hosting, it’s not something we currently support but is something on our radar.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Brilliant! That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for the help.

@nathan How about now? it’s 2021, IPv6 has been in production since at least 2012.

@caspChristian - As long as your computer can resolve the address (IP4), adding IP6 would not benefit you. It is just a new address space.

So you are saying that as long as I can resolve the IPv4 address then any IPv6 only host will not benefit from connecting to it?

Sounds like a “we have plenty of IPv4 addresses left” excuse
And that is not how it works. So still waiting for a reasonable answer here.