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Still no IPV6 support?

I am confused about the process for running a subdomain on another hosting service that DOES support ipv6 since, as is my understanding, webflow does not support ipv6 (umm, it is 2020…)

I am hosting from Google’s App Engine service. In order for Google to manage the SSL certs, they require four A records (for @), four AAAA records (also for @), and then a CNAME that points api to google’s hosted domain.

The problem is that I would like and to be hosted from Webflow. Webflow requires that I add two A records for @, which I put above the A records for App Engine. Now that works fine if I hit or from a machine that is using ipV4, but if I try to hit it using ipV6, there are no AAAA records for Webflow, so instead it goes to google’s app engine servers where I then get a 404.

Can anyone recommend a solution here?

This does not directly address your question but you can vote for IPv6 support in the Webflow wishlist.