IPv6 and A records on 1and1

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My domain provider 1and1 only allow a single IPv4 β€˜A’ record but do allow for an IPv6 β€˜A’ record as well.

Webflow does not seem to use IPv6 so I only have one β€˜A’ record for my custom domain.

What are the implications of this on connectivity (now and in the future)?

Thank you for your help.

There absolutely is some risk of connectivity issues and downtime with only a single IP being used as there is no possibility of failover in the case of server downtime. You probably will be fine, but that depends on your need to maintain 100% uptime.

I would recommend moving your domain, or at least DNS nameservers, to a provider that isn’t imposing such extreme limitations on DNS records - that limit is not normal, any other major provider should allow you to add as many records as you need.

Let me know if you have any more questions or if I can clarify anything!

Thank you, Nathan. I will contact 1and1 and see if they can let me have more records.

Is there any problem with webflow not using IPv6? I understand this is the protocol of the future (but have probably misunderstood😊)



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