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iPhone SE (2020) video autoplay is not working

Hello everyone :wave: !

I and my team have experienced an interesting issue by using iPhone SE (2020):iphone:. We have created this page by webflow (obviously) and as you can see there is a video clip in the hero section of the page. However it isn’t autoplaying “on load” by using iPhone SE (2020) and the play button appears under the CTA (as shown on the picture). Has anyone experienced the same issue? :thinking:

Thank you in advance! :fire:
Ps: we haven’t experienced that in any other iPhone or android phone

Hey @lakner, iPhones disable auto-play when low-power mode is turned on (which it appears to be looking at your screenshot with the yellow battery icon).

Have you tried turning low-power mode off and seeing if it works?

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Woow nice detection! :fire: !! (I mean the yellow battery icon :smiley: )
Thank you @Oli.Timmis, I’ll give it a try! :love_you_gesture:

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You were right :partying_face: ! That was the problem.
Thanks a lot! :handshake:

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Awesome! I’m glad you managed to solve it. You’re very welcome :raised_hands:t2:

Please can you mark the relevant post as the solution, so people know your problem has been solved.

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