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Video autoplay doesn't work on mobile low-battery mode

Hello, I designed this funnel website:

There are some autoplay videos that I put there as a “background video” element. The autoplay works on mobile too but not on low battery mode (on other sites, their autoplay videos can be played also on low battery mode). For example here:

So I was wondering if there’s a fix to this. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks! - Chris

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Please share what devices you tested with and version of OS.

I think that’s because power saving mode kicks in and stops autoplays as one of the ways to conserve battery. I don’t think there is a need to do something about it.


Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
Yes, but on the other site, it’s possible to still play it when you press the play button (which appears on low power mode).

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
This happens on every iPhone on low power mode.

Well, that’s the point of power saving - unless you really want to play video it will stay disabled.

Yes, but it’s not possible to play it even when the play button is pressed, which works on the other site if you know what I mean.

Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize it is like this from your earlier messages. So what happens when you press the play button?

When I press the play button, it doesn’t play the video on my site. On the other site when you press the button it plays the video even on low power mode. And thanks for trying to figure this out, I appreciate it man.

I have run into the same issue. Were you able to find a solution for this problem? Thanks!