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Background Video Autoplay Issues


I’m having issues with autoplaying a background video. Currently, it autoplays on all devices and browsers, except for my personal iPhone XR on Safari. I’ve recently updated to iOS14, and am wondering if that’s part of the issue. The video has the generic attributes that should make autoplaying a non-issue. e.g : muted, playsinline. I’ve also tried testing in incognito just to ensure all cache is cleared.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Make sure your phone is not set to “low power mode” and refresh the page.

Hey – I understand that low power mode is the issue, but even when I tap the video it still won’t play, making this aspect of the site unusable. How can I either:

  1. Make the video autoplay even if phone is set to “low power mode”
  2. Make the video play when you tap it