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IOS app and Android App for forums feeds

It would be cool if we can create an IOS/Android app for forum feeds and notifications so we can keep track of them through our smartphones what do you guys think?

Hi Ow,

This forum hasn’t been developed by Webflow, it’s using the very good and popular forum engine Discourse.

This has many advantages. On top of them there are a lot of plugins and you can develop more with the API.

Discourse behaves quite well on a mobile screen. I added it to my iPhone home screen using the Share button then “Add to home screen” option. Of course it doesn’t get any notification badge but it behaves pretty well and keeps you connected.

There’s such an option for Android but I never remember how to.

I’m going to make a separate post to ask @PixelGeek if he can look how to harmonize the favicon, app icons of the forum and make them a bit more webflow.

Oops ((: thx for the info mate!