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inVision Studio vs Webflow

let’s open up a can of… worms?

So today (10/18/2017) inVision released inVision Studio and all I can think is “hey… this reminds me of webflow (in some kind of inVision(ed) way)”.

So I just figured “hey, let’s have a chat about it and see how this will make an impact on our design/prototyping development process”.

Learning is Fun2Mental.


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I wouldn’t class that as anything near similar to Webflow. It looks more like a competitor to Adobe Xd, Framer, Zeplin etc.

It looks like a tool to build high-fidelity and highly interactive prototypes with a huge emphasis on collaberation, whereas Webflow is about building actual websites.

I think many people confuse Webflow as a prototyping tool, and maybe to some extent it is - in the sense that when your skill level is very high, you can use it to build live prototype/MVP websites for clients - but Webflow, and the direction they’re taking, is a tool to build production ready websites.

And for me, it is by far the best in it’s field. It’s better than Wrodpress, Pagecloud and the code it builds is far, far superioir to Weebly, Webydo and Wix.

On a complete tanget, the inVison Studio website could be a good IX2 workshop!


they did say its a rival for Sketch and XD (not Disney :laughing:) and yuh got a point. But I’m also feeling as tho they are slowly moving up from prototyping into actual end-product.

That is to say:
Prototype/build, approve… push/publish (hosted on inVision, kinda like what we got here)

Am I off tangent here?

I’m excited. Sketch + Adobe XD + Figma combined. Now all we need is Webflow to get on board with the web app development capabilities and we’re all lit for the next few years!

Dream “stack”: Invision Studio + (Adobe Creative Cloud - XD) + Webflow.

I wouldn’t say you’re completely off no. inVision did acquire Macaw for this very reason - to deploy live sites.

I was a big user of Macaw when it launched, and it’s drag and drop Photoshop like canvas, was very appealing and easy to learn. However, it never really taught me about the web as Webflow has, and I think that’s the difference.

Maybe inVision will make something of the code they acquired by purchasing Macaw, maybe they won’t, but it’s all a very exciting space.

Personally, for me, Webflow, despite what people complain about, is miles ahead in this department. And if the workshop @callmevlad did with @PixelGeek a few months ago is anything to go by, I think we’re going to see Webflow develop very quickly in the coming year.

The last few workshops are begining to show the power of Ix2 and that anything produced in that promo video for inVision studio can now be made inside Weblow for a production grade website.

The component marketplace will be like the AI singularity (:joy:) once that’s released, there’ll be no way to slow down the speed of innovation.

Not to mention eCommerce - native @foxy cart inside Webflow - man, if that happened, I’d start designing online stores tomorrow!


Thanks for the mention @irishbuckley! Until (if) Webflow adds Foxy natively, we’ll keep making it easier and easier to integrate.



WOW - look like amazing tool for UI / prototyping (and cool site). By the way, this is also an amazing tool by invision : (to convert psd/sketch to HTML/webflow/PHP).

I guess macaw “invision version”- will be another product named something like - “invision- builder”.

In my opinion invision will avoid getting inside site-builders area (all the magic of invision is to give life to a static assets - jpegs/gifs/png and so on)

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