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Hmm...Invision buys out Macaw

Invision is great for collaborative prototyping but my initial thoughts are that they are not far away from making a full-fledged web design tool. Exciting times in the design world.

Would love to have more collaborative tools in Webflow. Like having a staging mode where we could invite co-workers and clients to review a site with task and comments and have those available in the designer. Maybe also with some integrations to other tools like Slack and Asana. But I guess this is already on your massive roadmap Webflow :slight_smile: :beers:


Macaw were, are rubbish, they have got nothing on webflow, just really hope webflow never gets bought out, as that would be the end of this amazing product :disappointed_relieved:


not defending Macaw but you are unwise to say something like that…

Macaw Scarlet seems to be the closest thing to Webflow (it even looks like it) than any other tool out there and therefore should be Webflow’s main competitor.

My opinion is that macaw has the features but are poorly executed whereas Webflow has the execution but lacking features… Webflow comes out on top for me but I hope that it doesn’t end up trying to do everything

The design editor and interactions should be main focus, the CMS is just a bonus


Sorry if I offended you with my comment!

I’m just passionate about my design tools, and over shared.

What? The CMS is the most important thing in Webflow at the moment. Other than that, it’s just a front-end web design tool like many others.
The only reason I make websites with Webflow and not Wordpress or other tools like Macaw, is the CMS feature. Being able to tell a client that he doesn’t have to copy and create a new page for every new event, team member, … is just awesome. Webflow allows me to build really functional websites without being a developer.


I’m not bashing the CMS and we are getting off topic here but I am merely expressing my own opinion. Tomorrow there will just be another new feature taking that place.

What makes Webflow better than any other platform is the implementation of it’s feature set - so whether it’s CMS today, API tomorrow or Feature XYZ next year, Webflow has continued to outshine anything else on the market BY FAR with everything it delivers.

I like to think of this from the other end of the scale too as I am a developer myself

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Before i even stumbled upon Webflow i used Macaw which (at the time) was a nightmare, It’s not realtime, you have to publish to see your website and to get something as simple as a slider you had to do a lot of custom coding. Macaw (at the time) was full of bugs and it ran really slow on my pretty decent computer.

I don’t know how it is now and i didn’t see Macaw Scarlet in action but i still think Macaw is not that big of a threat for Webflow.

Those are just my experiences with Macaw.

competition is always good for the market…so i am curious to see how it plays out.


We don’t have plans to sell Webflow or to get acquired. :slight_smile: Regarding the acquisition, everyone at Webflow has huge respect for inVision. They make great products and I have no doubt that adding the new talent will help them with that. In any case we’ll continue to work hard to build the web design platform we envisioned (should i have used invision’d?..tehehe) from the beginning.


I disagree. It’s a much better front-end design tool than any I’ve found.

As for the CMS, I don’t see myself using it since most of my clients host their own and I like the freedom of not being tied down to one host myself. Now, if they made an exportable CMS - that would be awesome.

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Just my take on prototyping for apps and web…

I’ve never used Macaw so don’t know how good it is, but to be honest I’ll be sticking with WF for web design because I find it almost completely limitless in what it lets you do and how quickly it lets you do it.

That said, I was desperately searching for an app prototyping tool and tried InVision only to be be very disappointed. It was pretty limiting and clunky (though I did use it about a year ago now). I’ve recently started using Principle, which is worth a look! It feels like Webflow for apps, very well done and incredibly easy to use

Yep, it will be interesting to see what becomes of Scarlet and the acquisition but for now I see inVision’s UI templates just begging to be realized by a WebFlow build out =)


I don’t have any thoughts on Macaw as I’ve never used it. I love the collaboration tools that Invision has though and I’d love if Webflow came out with a similar set of tools. Commenting on live, development stage websites would be fantastic! The only thing I’ve found that’s come close is Appotate but it was pretty buggy.


Macaw left a bad taste in my mouth previously. I bought their ‘web tool’ as they promised it would be expanded upon.
IT was not not.
They advised us 2 months later that they had a new version… this was almost a year ago now.

I’m not surprised to find out they sold out.
I’m pretty sure that was the entire market strategy from day one.

Macaw started out as a kickstarter idea, that worked. But again they didn’t ‘add to it’ as promised.

Anyone can make a snazzy looking video with features that are not yet working.
I’m sure if they had actual intentions on making a great application, and not selling it, they would have.

Invision are not idiots, and took their comments and requests for a similar app seriously and bought macaw/scarlet

Why webflow business model was a good idea - subscription / hosting service
I initially didn’t like it, but the fact they are a NEW and actively updgrade features has been a HUGE positive.
The fact they are subscription based / web based means they also don’t have to deal with OLD versions and can always look forward.

Macaw used the bought software model - meaning it will be pirated, make zero money and as they have shown, made zero improvements for the original supporters. Their sales probably sucked, and their only alternative WAS to sell it.

Maybe invision will do something with it. Finishing it would be a good idea. Subscription model another. Whatever they do will be better managed than the existing ownership. Oh and not being a MAC only app at first (like they planned - another idiot move) was another reason why macaw lost my support and interest.