Invalid Video Link (Vimeo)

If I try to paste a vimeo link before the file is finished processing over on Vimeo, I get an “Invalid Video Link” error.

No big deal. Makes sense. Be patient, Chris.

But, it seems like that link is being cached somewhere, because it doesn’t let me use the link even after the video is finished processing.

Clear the field, paste a different (valid) link and it works. Paste that link back in? No dice.

Is there any way to clear the cache on those links so I don’t have to be punished for my impatience. :slight_smile:


Hey @Chris_Scott,

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: We had similar cases before, but it turned out that Vimeo video is not “ready” right after video has been processed, to show on external sites. There were reported cases where it took up to few hours after video was processed to make it work with embed feature :slight_smile:

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