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Intranet Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a service that I could hook into a webflow site for a basic employee portal? Thanks.

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Could you clarify a bit what user experience you’re imagining for a “basic employee portal”?

Something with a individual login, company calendar and important documents, with news bulletin.

If you want to have a public landing page for a backend system (cloud or internal) that sends users there, then Webflow would be perfect. You should really be looking at solutions designed for intranet (internal) use. There are many available. The list is too expansive for me to provide. A search engine would be a good place to start.

Thank you. Yes, you are correct. I used the wrong word. I meant intranet. However, I am still looking for webflow user recommendations vs searching. Because, as you know there are tons of options and I was looking for something people liked for its simplicity and customization to integrate into current websites aesthetics. This is for a medium-sized company (200 employees).

I had a client that rolled out Samepage instead of Microsoft’s Sharepoint. They had good things to say. I have not used it myself, but it looks very complete. I used to work almost exclusively in that space, and we did not have lots of options. Now there are many.

:+1: Thanks, Jeff. Looks good. Yes, the options are now dizzying.

I hope to get more suggestion from others to help narrow my options.

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Thanks. It looks awesome.

Also tried the new app - Free team collaboration app Sounds good.