What would you like to see most in a Webflow compatible CMS?

Hello everybody out there using Webflow –

I’m doing a CMS cloud (it’s an internal work project, certainly not big and
professional like Webflow). It is designed for sites built in Webflow. This has been brewing
for few months, and is starting to be useful. I’d like any feedback on
things people would like to see in an imperfect “Webflow compatible CMS”, as the system has been primarily used with Webflow
(we start in Webflow and then move the designs to our dynamic CMS and then add functionality among other things)

We’ve currently built a couple dozen sites using this system, and things seem to work.
This implies that I’ll get something more than “works for me” within a few weeks, and
I’d like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions
are welcome, but I won’t promise I’ll implement them :slight_smile:

David Bain

PS. The entire platform is built on an open source CMS called Plone – it’s free and they just released Plone 5 today.
The system is currently Plone specific (I’ve experimented with running it on other CMS platforms) and it probably never will support anything other than Plone for the foreseable future.

User accounts would be awesome, so that we can create web apps in webflow :slight_smile:

Do you mean like the ability for multiple users to login to the site?
If so… that’s already there.

No I mean so I have some come to my sight and login to use the app

So basically a way to create web apps that will require users to login to use them…

I’ve decided to start by teaching people how to build a CMS that utilizes Webflow themes. So I’m working on a video series. This is much lower hanging fruit than a full CMS service.

I’m making progress on the video series. Here’s a first… very, very rough cut version, showing how to get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpF7HJcMkg0

So now that the webflow CMS is live, does it match what you wanted?