Pagination code disables my hover interactions

hi there! i hope someone can help me out with a weird bug.

i’m using Finsweet’s CMS Load More pagination code (link here), which I used previously for another client and it worked fine.

For this one though, I’m noticing that the pagination experience works, but – my hover interactions on the blog entries just stop working. The just have a static “Read now” and no hover overlay.

Here’s my read-link to show what I mean: Webflow - ARX Website

Could anyone point me to the problem? I’m quite lost here.

Appreciate any help, thanks a lot!!

Hi Olga, make sure you’re using the reset interactions feature.
The new items you’re loading as you page through the results aren’t wired up to interactions without it.

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Ahh! It worked – thank you!! I was scratching my head over this and the solution was … googlable :smiley:

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Maybe not googleable but buried in the docs :wink: You sort of have to know what to look for.