Internet Explorer 11 does not support Flexbox: Background-Image

In Internet Explorer 11 the background-image is not shown. It is the background-image in main wrapper / startbild.jpg. In Chrome and Firefox it works well. I build this with Flexbox.

And also the W3C CSS Validator shows many errors of the Webflow CSS:

Here is my public share link:

The website:

Hi @Bettina_Lucas

Thanks for posting. Currently IE11 does not fully support flexbox:

~3.5% global users are on IE11, so you can choose to use flexbox and not worry over the 3.5%.

Alternatively, if you have a lot of users on IE11, you may consider rebuilding the layout without flexbox.

Hope this helps!

Exist a possibility to manipulate the css for IE that the background-image (or overlay image) can be shown instead?

We aren’t search for a “100% solution” for IE, but without any image on the start page it’s useless for (remember: 3,5% visitors that open a “naked” start page, this is a risc of 3,5% sales MINUS). Would be fine if there exist a posibility for manipulate.

Hi @Bettina_Lucas

Unfortunately there is no way to create a rule for IE11 (as far as I know).

Instead here are some steps to make your site build work for IE.

-Set main wrapper to display: block

-Give main wrapper height: ~80vh and width: 100vw (this is just a guess, size in whatever way works best)
-Set page wrapper to display: block

This should keep your build similar to what it is now, but it will render properly on all browsers.

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I made that but the hamburger menue is not shown in internet explorer 11

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