Internal Path for CMS link field

I don’t have a site to share as I am just playing around with the CMS.

I want to create a collection with 3 basic fields (name, image, and link) but I want the link to go to an internal path… the reason for this is I don’t know what domain the project will be associated with yet. I also don’t want to use the page template associated with this collection as each item in the collection will require its own unique custom designed landing page (and a rich text block doesn’t allow for enough customization). Why use the collection feature at all you may ask? The collection features will still be useful for organizing a large volume of collection items, establishing relationships between collections, and creating index pages as well as other elements (featured blocks) throughout the site.

Anyone else run into this?

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Anyone over at webflow have some insight for me?

something like this enhancement might work?

Yep, just as we speak.

I’m trying to make a blog, where I’ll write blog posts, but I’ll also make pages because I need to be free to show some webflow experiments. So they can’t be a CMS type of content but they need to be listed, linked to etc. I’m so making a “Pages” type of content just to list those articles as Webflow Pages. So like you, i’d like to be able to populate the link field the same way we populate any link in Webflow oustside of the CMS… by selecting a page in a dropdown, etc.


Glad I am not the only one @vincent who has the same requirement. If the webflow team was able to make the link block function like it does within the designer that would be stellar.

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We have added a feature in the rich text editor that helps with this:

Hi @PixelGeek… not quite what I am after.

Ok here is an example.

I want to create 30+ custom and unique landing pages. These pages wont be driven from the CMS, these are regular pages. Each page could be lets say, a service I provide. I want to create a collection to organize and manage information about these services and I will create a index page with a custom list on it to display these services. Each service listed on the index page in the dynamic list will have button to learn more about the service. I want to use the link field but it must go to an internal path (an existing page). Right now, that field it forces you to put a full URL with no option to customize behaviour. It would be great if this field behaved the same as other link fields where you could browse existing pages and customize your link types and behaviour.

Using a Rich text field doesn’t help me as I don’t believe I can tell an element (button) in a dynamic list to grab a link from within a rich text field?

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