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Internal Path for CMS link field (revisited)

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone had figured out how to link to internal pages through the CMS link field (or a way around this?). My explanation for wanting to do so is the same as in this post which was closed without answer

"I don’t have a site to share as I am just playing around with the CMS.

I want to create a collection with 3 basic fields (name, image, and link) but I want the link to go to an internal path… the reason for this is I don’t know what domain the project will be associated with yet. I also don’t want to use the page template associated with this collection as each item in the collection will require its own unique custom designed landing page (and a rich text block doesn’t allow for enough customization). Why use the collection feature at all you may ask? The collection features will still be useful for organizing a large volume of collection items, establishing relationships between collections, and creating index pages as well as other elements (featured blocks) throughout the site."

Thanks heaps!