Internal Path for CMS link field - revisited

I have a menu, activated by mouse over. This menu links to a series of pages.

Now, the client needs to be able to control this menu.

The only way I found to do this is to create a menu collection, add rich text fields and assign the item to a specific menu. So the Rich text field contains ONLY the menu link title, and the internal link.

Why oh why, can’t I just do the same from the link field? Any good reason?


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Because oh because a link is a link and a text is a text :slight_smile:

So of course you can do this with CMS and a link field, but you also need… a text field, for the text. When you’ll lay out your CMS menu Collection List, you’ll drag a TEXT LINK element, and link it to a URL AND a text.

Your Collection should at lest have those fields:

And your element will be linked this way, using both fields:

And we could even link MORE dynamic things to this element. Say we add more fields, especially images and colors:

Then we can use those on our text link for bg image, bg color, text color and border color.

That’s up to 6 dynamic fields linked on one text link element.

By the way this is an appropriate way.

Hi Vincent
Thanks for your great reply! And I sure get it. The problem is that in order to link internally, and not with a full URL, you need a Rich Text Field. So I would just wish there could be the same pop up functionality as there is in Rich edit mode. Should be a simple thing to add no?

Haaa my bad… something sounded odd :slight_smile:

So yes you’re right, we should have this possibility. With the same options than in the designer or inside of a RT. Internal links, sections IDs, Phone numbers, emails. It’s not the first time this is raised. I couldn’t find an idea for it in the Whishlist, you should create one:

And your workaround with RT elements is even better knowing that.