Intercation between user and cms

Hi guys,

I have a question. Is there any way to change the content of a collection through the user’s interaction?

Collection: A field with a number - e.g. 10.
Frontend: An dropdown with 1-10. The User selects e.g. 3 and submits the form with a button. → The collection field changes its content from 10 to 7.

Thanks a lot in advance!

If you want to change the content of a collection item through the user’s interaction you’ll need to use a glue service, something like Zapier or Integromat. Webflow doesn’t provide CMS access through the front end (custom code / Javascript).

I’m happy to talk a bit more in-depth on what I’ve said if that wasn’t clear. Just let me know…

Thanks a lot. Zapier works fine in this case :slight_smile:

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