Interactive Elements within a paragraph

Hello, does anyone know how to add a button within a paragraph? Specifically inside the paragraph, not at the beginning or end (see image)

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Hi Thomas, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

You can do this with a span element

Thank you Aviv for your help. One part I’m still unclear on how to accomplish - the floating red box. I’d like the box to appear above the paragraph (z axis) when someone clicks on the + icon. Any thoughts?

You can do this by wrapping all the paragraph with a div, and adding an inline-block div inside.
Maybe this can help-

Hi Aviv,

Do you know if there is any way of doing this for blogs in collections? When in blogs you only have the option to change inline text to Bold/Italic/headings -

We publish a lot of blogs for a client - set up as a collection. Most of the blogs talk about coding and contain small lines of coding as part on the inline text.

The client needs to these words sat within paragraphs to be written in a coding font such as Inconsolta or Miro Fina.

Anywhere else on the site I simply add a text span wrap and change the font - In BLOGS however I’ve been told I can change the settings of the “italic” button used by the Editor when entering blogs. So instead of changing the text to Italics it would change it to Incosolata font.

This would be ideal but can anybody advise on how to do this for BLOGS IN A COLLECTION? I know how to so so on any other page on the site just not collections.

Any help would be massively appreciated!!

Thank you!

Hi Helen,

One solution:

Other solution: