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Inline Text Elements

Greetings all,

Is it possible to select a portion of text and apply an inline tag (italics or bold) that doesn’t affect the entire text block?
For example, if I had used the above sentence, selected the word “entire” and clicked the I button, the whole block would have changed, rather than just what I wanted.

In a slightly more complicated, but similar approach, it would also be nice to be able to select text in a header, give it a class, and Webflow would automatically wrap that text in a span element (or similar). The reason for this would be to have different classes for date entries in an article header when designing a blog.


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Hi Anton!

I feel ya! I can’t wait for that too. We are actually working on implementing a simple text editor where you can select some text and make it italic (em) or bold (strong). Soon after we’ll add the ability to select text and add your own class to it so you can go crazy with the styling.

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Very cool. Thanks for replying. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. As it is, I’ll probably get the design to a certain point, download it, and polish up the details like that locally before publishing to my server.

As it is, this is a nice way to get the general blocking all structured out.

Here’s another wish-list item for you: To be able to switch in to code view… where you can make tweaks directly in the html/css when desired, then switch back to design view, and have Webflow keep up with what you did. Assuming, of course, that you don’t make a tweak that pretty much destroys the layout.


Totally. That would be a sweet feature! The problem is breaking the layout. That’s the hardest part. You’ll know if things develop on that front.

Just wanted to add my support of a live code feature. Of course I agree it would need syntax checking/correction suggestion and possibly without reinventing the wheel by using libraries like ace or codemirror with maybe a dab of custom checks and balances.

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This is soooooooo necessary.

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The popup to display inline styles does not appear to be working when selecting paragraph text. My work around is to select the text, right-click to display my browser’s context menu, then click inside the paragraph text box and then it will display the inline styles toolbox.

I’m using Chrome on Mac.


  1. Add Paragraph
  2. Select Text (no inline style appears)
  3. Right-click inside paragraph
  4. Click inside paragraph (inline style appears)

Hi @rvela, I haven’t had any issues with the text boxes. I’ll ask around and see if I can find anything. Perhaps it is a browser bug. Try refreshing, hard-refresh, or close and open browser. If it persists, let me know and I’ll escalate this to the engineering team as a bug. Thanks for the post!