Interaction frustration

I have a page up symbol on my site that is supposed to hide when you scroll down. All the interactions are set to have it hide when you scroll away from the hero section or something at the top. Problem is it seems to be inconsistent from page to page. This portfolio page, for example, it wont hide when you scroll down. Then on the process page, when you scroll down, then up, it doesn’t come back! I’ve double checked the animation, its the same on every page. Other than this page being triggered by a header text wrappers, other triggers are hero sections. I’m smashing my head against the wall. haaaaalp
homepage - hidden page top button as it should be

Portfolio page - doesn’t hide once triggered

Process page, once triggered to hide again, never comes back!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Also just noticed the top button symbol isn’t saving the link to the ID tag for each page. I made sure they were all linked to the hero section, saved it, and published it, and they still arent linked. Does the ID have to the same for every page? It should be page specific should it not?


I’m not sure if this helps but I tried something

I made symbol with an absolute div that functions as the top anchor and a fixed div as the top button.
so now everywhere you paste this symbol the anchor is on top of the website and the button is fixed.

I made a screen capture of making the symbol

Let me know if this helps you? :slight_smile:

If you want the top button to show up faster just change the height of the anchor div

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I gave up using webflow animations. It is just so frustrating to get it to work, especially when an action on 1 element (eg. a click) should animate a different element.

I switched to using custom CSS or JS instead.

Hi @andre9000

You can do that by changing the target:

thanks for the video