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Interaction in Symbol?

Can interactions be used inside a symbol? I have put an interaction on text that is within a symbol. I can see it when using the preview in the symbol creation area, but when I preview the page, it does not appear.

It is the tagline text just under the logo in the Navbar.

Preview Here:

Please note this page is under construction so it is not anywhere near finished form.


Not sure what happened but I can see that it is working now.

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That’s great news! It should work inside of symbols. I think sometimes on preview interactions just don’t seem to work. This happens occasionally on my iMac. :grinning:

No joke—thanks for checking back in to update the post. A lot of times people don’t follow up and it can be confusing when we try to recreate an issue! Glad it’s working now. :blush:

And thank you both for responding! :smile:

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