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Interactions Question with Forms

I am trying to create a page some as this page https://register.akirawavelength.com/registration.aspx

Now I found a problem, in this old page when you check the check box, there will show up another section with question and when you uncheck the check box these section just disappear.

Now I am trying to make a same page as this page, but I am unable to make that function work, please let me know how can I create that. Thanks.

<script type='text/javascript'>
    if($('.pay-check').attr('checked')) {
    else {

This is the Code I taped in Footer Code, but it’s not working.

Hi, this is doable in webflow without code but with interactions. You should watch the tutorials here : http://tutorials.webflow.com/ and in page 2 you have the interactions tutorial.

So with interaction, you can hide a portion of your form, and unveil it on a click on an element. However, this is not wise to use it (as your example do) on a checkbox, because it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, any graphical element will do.

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That is a good advice; however, I am a Micro User right now. I think this solution doesn’t fit me.

Is there any other way can make it happen?

Why? Also you really have to watch the tutorials (:

Yeah that tutorials are good, but I don’t have Interaction and HTML functions in Webflow cuz I am a Micro User right now.

Even free users have interactions. The interaction panel has been moved on the last tab, check it out.

It works!! Thanks man, that is really helpful. haha I had a new issue. Because I made them in one Form and the second part of the questions are also required, the issue is that if you don’t fill out the second part questions the form can’t be submitted. How can I manage this?

select the form element that can be unaswered, and


I know that, but what I want is when the check box is checked then those questions should be appeared and required. When the check box is unchecked I need the form allow the user to submit the form.