Show & Hide Element for Q&A Not working


Im trying to build a Q&A section where you you can click the question and then the answer is revealed. Then click again and it’s hidden. I watched the Hide and Show Elements tutorial and I got it working for one question. Unfortunately, when I try to add the interaction to the other questions its effecting the first question or even changes the first question interaction. Do I need to add a new animation for every single question? Seems like then I would have a ton of animations that all essentially do the same thing. I feel like I have to be missing something. Link below to my page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I think the trick is to apply the interaction to the class, rather than the element. However I’d need a tutorial to walk through the finer points of Interactions.

The design you’re describing is called an accordion.

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Thanks so much, thats exactly what I was looking for.