How to make a form to appear and disappear based on the status of the check box

I want a form to appear and disappear based on the status of the check box. Is that possible? If so, how?

go to this page, move down to the bottom where it says “kontakt” and click on tab named “anfrage”. you will find a big form. try out a few check boxes or radio buttons and see more content appear. is that what you want to achieve?

@buntestrahlen I would love to know how this was done :slight_smile: did you build this site?

yes, i did! it is simple.

create a div and give it a unique class name. put the form element(s) you want to hide inside that div. create an interaction and asign it to all the divs you want to be hidden on page load. define the hidden state in the initial appearance field. now focus on the check box (or whatever) that should show the hidden element(s) when clicked. create another interaction and asign it to that checkbox. say affect different elements and type in the unique class you created earlier. now create an in-animation for the first click and an out-animation for the second click which should be the same as the initial appearance state.

initial appearance

animate in and out

thats it! have fun!
if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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