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Interactions not working


i just encountered a bug, in the preview mode its working but when i published it, its not working

i created a link block with hover interaction on it, showing the content when you hover it, inside the content there a lightbox block. in preview mode its fine but when in the browser the hover effect is not showing

P.S how can i share my dashboard so could take a look at it


Hi @Archilles_Morales,

Thanks for reaching out on the forums. Sorry about the interactions trouble. I’m happy to take a look. Could you please post your site’s read-only link so I can take a closer look? More info on read-only links here:


heres my link

you can find the interaction on last section of the page thanks

your site is not opening… my webflow dashboard opens - not your site.

i created a new site sorry

again, there are multiple column in the background all of them the hover effect is working but not for 1. the one with lightbox element inside of it

but in the preview mode it is working

hi guys are there any updates on my query