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Interactions & Modal Popup Support

Popup — On the homepage, there is a section that has a play button svg that I would like to create a popup for. When clicked on, I would like to have a HTML Embed Video play from Facebook/YouTube with a close option to close the menu when done. I can’t seem to figure out how to make this work even after trying this article here (

Interactions — I am trying to achieve an affect on this page,, for desktop version only. When hovering on work-div-1 (1-8), I would like the work-div-title to appear. And when hovering away from work-div-1, I would like work-div-title to fade away, ultimately trying to create a more picture look on desktop, but when hovered it creates more interaction.

**I found a website that is using this similar concept on their homepage,, you will see when you hover over the images it has the same effect that I am trying to get.

I would greatly appreciate any support you can provide!

Here is my site Read-Only LINK:

Please can you share your read only link please? The link that you shared is the Live Preview site

Hi @clintp,

Sure this is very possible, however, it’s a little long to type into a text. There’s many steps, but I could simply add to your site if you want me to, I would need your login details. If that’s okay with you send me a private message to my profile and I’ll add it.

@garymichael1313 How do I send you a private message?

Click on your “Circle Account Image” on top right, and click the envelope. Then New Message, and in first box, start with (@) then the name - to get the person’s profile.


@garymichael1313 I cant see that feature.

@garymichael1313 had to log in and back out to see that feature. Im sending you that login now.

You should have the login in your Inbox.

Great. I’m heading to lunch, I’ll shoot you a message when I return.

I’m in your site now… You kicked me out :joy::disappointed_relieved:

Sorry I need to finish the video modal for you.

Oh, I didnt know you were in it! Sorry about that.

Let me know if you need anything from me. Ill get out of it.

Okay go check the pop video. I’ll get out. That’s the 1st one done.

Do you want the second task done now or later? If later, I’ll go finish another person?

Sounds good. It looks good!

Thank you. Yeah go ahead and try to do the other task that I mentioned above. Does it make sense?

Hey Clint,

Look at Work page. The 1st & 2nd image has two different interaction on them. Which do you prefer? Before I go further.

I like the first one better.

Okay do you want all of them like that?

Yeah on the work page. Only on desktop. On tablet - mobile i just want them to show at a lower opacity how they are now.

Were you able to get the tablet and mobile hovers to work how you wanted.