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Interactions don't play with read-only sharing

Hey guys! I’m trying to share a “read-only” version of my site with a client, but the interactions and lottie animations aren’t playing when I use the link to view the site. They work when I preview the site in my designer…but not when I view the site using the link.

I’ve attached the “read-only” link below. Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it?

Have you tried to publidh to the domain and tested the animation?

@JanneWassberg I haven’t done that yet because “publishing” makes me nervous with an unfinished site haha. I can give it a shot.

Thanks @JanneWassberg! That helped. Does this mean I need to share the published version with my client rather than the read-only version?

If you want to show interactions Yes. otherwise not

Im always publishing the for testing

Awesome! Thank you!!

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