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Interactions are not being copied to another project, revisited

This is a FWIW post of a work-around to a webflow bug I encountered. Perhaps it will help others bumping into the same situation.

I have been having trouble copying the interactions within a block of elements from one project to another. There are four interactions, used by three triggers and only 3 interactions are copied. The problem is similar to the one described in the following thread:

To try to find a work-around, in the source project I tried many things, including various combinations of: renaming the interactions, duplicating them, deleting actions within the fail-to-copy interaction, and deleting other interactions around them. I even looked at the interactions JSON definitions in the source and the failed destination copy, hoping to find some inconsistency. Nothing worked until…

If I disconnect the interactions from the trigger where the interaction was failing to copy from source to destination, then reattached the interactions (there are two), I was then able to successfully copy the the block of elements and all four interactions.

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