Interaction works in preview, not on published site

Hello Webflowers –

I’m in need of a pair of expert eyes to help me understand why an interaction is working in preview but not on the live site. The challenge is that there is some custom code that is being used to inject data onto the page. The developer I am working with is insistent that it’s not the cause of why the interaction isn’t working and I’m simply not educated enough to know one way or the other.

The page is the “Checkout” page on the site. I have an interaction placed on the ‘login-link’ element to trigger actions to happen to the “Login Overlay” element. Any ideas what is causing this? I’ve scoured other forum answers, used chatGPT, the developer, and one other Webflow developer and no answer.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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can u send a screenshot of code or please tell me where is the code

the issue is in the code