Interaction text reveal glitch on hover

Hi All,

I have discovered a bug/glitch where my interactions on hover show up by default when the page hasn’t been interacted with. Hard to explain without really seeing it, but by design, on hover over each slider section should reveal the text from the bottom of the page until you hover onto a new section. I guess my question is, why do all of them show up when you first load the page? Is there a way to hide the other interactions until the section has been hovered over? Also am I able to keep the first section open with the text showing?

Any help/recommendations/or advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Here is my public share link:

Hi Joey,

The problems is that you’ve given in both of the interactions ‘On Hover’ & ‘Hover Out’ an initial state to the elements.

Initial state runs only once when the page is loaded and in logical order. Since the ‘Hover out’ initial state is loaded last between those 2, it is the one that “sticks” :wink:

Solution - delete all the relevant initial states in the ‘Hover Our’ interaction.

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Awesome! Thank you for the tip, Aviv! Definitely appreciate it.

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