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How do I keep the initial interaction as image opaque and text transparent when loading the homepage?

Hi I’m having issues with this interaction on my homepage: Webflow - Michelle's portfolio website

Basically, I’m trying to have it that when you load onto the page, you see the images in the boxes, but when you hover over it, the image becomes transparent and the text is visible. However, every time I do the interaction, the initial state is always with the image being transparent and the text as visible, even when I specifically put the opposite as the initial state when hovering in. How do I fix this?

your hover out has two conflicting actions. don’t set initial state in there.
everything else looks ok,
Set elements manually,
Set initial states with hover on
do animations

Hover over go back to initial state values (but do not tick set initial states).

If that doesn’t work, comeback.

That worked! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.