Integrating Webflow CMS with a CDN (e.g. Bunny, Cloudflare)

Hey all :wave: I’m building a directory-type website that’s heavy on CMS file content (notably mp4). It looks like there isn’t a way to upload a video file (just an embedded video link) into a CMS item.

If I were to use a CDN like Bunny, Cloudflare etc., would I need to change the SSL settings/move hosting to my chosen CDN? Or is there a way I can deliver an mp4 file directly into a CMS item using richtext HTML without needing to move my domain…?

I’m new to this concept so forgive me if I’ve misunderstood this or my question does not make sense lol. Thanks in advance!

You’d host the file on e.g. bunny, and then your CMS item would need to reference the URL to that item.

That could be a link field in the CMS, or in the case of content within a rich text field, you could use embeds or links to reference the items, and then write custom code to transform that into e.g. a video player.

That simplifies your hosting, content admin, and allows you to centralize your player UI so that it’s easily updated.

Great thanks for the info Michael