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Embedding .mp4 in to Rich Text. How?

Dear colleges,
I have a slight problem.

Just want to throw it out there, I’m not a developer. All tho I am a Ux-Designer and have a lot of experience working with devs. Therefore I’m not completely lost when it comes to front-end stuff. Now, I’m trying to redesign my portfolio a little and choose webflow as a base this time around. I even bought a theme (Akin).

I want to have small .mp4 (or webm) videos in my projects displaying some interactions on the work I’ve done, but I have problems embedding them in to the CMS article structure.

Here’s where all my content for my cases goes:

How do I implement this mp4 or similar to Rich text? It has to be with auto play and no ui for the player (this I have sort of figured out from here).

None of these options seems to work for me.

The Rich text has the embed video functionality and it works fine for embedding vimeo/yt vids and I’m open to go that way as well but if so, I can’t control the autoplay/ui settings. Or maybe I can and I just haven’t figured it out yet?

Can someone pls shed some light over this. I’ve been stuck for days :exploding_head:


If the built in embed does not meet your requirements, you have to use custom code to display an appropriate video player with your modifications.

When a rich text field is placed on the page, the only way to push something into that flow, is with custom code. This is not trivial for non coders and I suggest you make do as is.

Alternatively, you could have the element show up AFTER your RTE in the template. You would use a field to store the value of the video url, create a custom embed element to display the player, assign the field to the embed as the value of the video.

If you need help to pull this off, you will probably need to get a freelancer’s help. You can reach me via my profile for developer help.