Integrating into a Webflow site

My website features an opening animation that is effective for visitors:

but invisible to Google’s bot:

A solution to this is a service called that renders and caches pages, and then serves cached pages only to crawlers requesting them, not to site visitors.

Does anyone know how to integrate this service with Webflow’s servers? If so, I’d be happy to pay someone who could implement this service on my site.

I’m also facing the same SEO issue on another I’m also facing the same SEO issue on another Webflow site of mine, https://www.OrganicWeb.Design that is hosted on a third-party, Siteground.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - New York Jazz Bands

Hi @Chuck_Braman I’m looking for the exact same thing as you. I have a client that has a huge directory that is built on react and hosted on webflow. I need to find a solution for the directory pages to be indexed by Google. I spoke with and they say they don’t have any specific integration with Webflow. The person over at webflow provided this link as a reference. .

I’m not sure if this helps but if you or anyone has any idea how to pull this off, I’m highly interested.

Best regards

Hi @atnlowran, In my case, I have two sites with 5-second Lotte animations on the opening screen. My SEO consultant said that was a problem for Google and suggested that their product would provide a solution, so I spoke with them as well. (You can actually make an hour appointment with them and do a screen share.) In my case, they disagreed with my SEO consultant and said that the use of their product wouldn’t affect Google’s ranking of my sites. The person I spoke to did say he would make his team aware of Webflow and raise the issue of creating an app.