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Integrating forms for Gotowebinar

Anyone know if there is a way to set it up so that a user can register for a webinar at a landing page I create in webflow but the information actually goes to the registration page for gotowebinar ???

Hi @Deisic, if gotowebinar has a form processor of their own, a url that you can use, which will be used in the Action property field of the Webflow form, it should be possible. I recommend you first check Gotowebinar and find out from their support site, what their support for html embedding is, or if they have some basic API to be used when you use your own custom forms…

Then, when you know WHAT you need to integrate from Gotowebinar, we can advise HOW you may be able to do this in Webflow… cheers :smile:

Of course, maybe someone else has done this already too, here on the forum, but if not, you can be the first :smile:

Hey can you guys get set up with Zaps? It would make this kind of thing super simple!