A mistery Google Font

Here is my full explanation about the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3L_UUSV55I

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Seems like their documentation is outdated on how to remove preinstalled Google fonts to prevent the API from downloading them. It seems like you need to delete Montserrat from your designer entirely but I don’t see a clear way to do this with the new UI.

Yeah that’s the thing. None of the classes are using Montserrat anymore yet still I can see in console that the font is attached to a class. But in designer if I put Montserrat in search then no class appears which should mean that there are no classes with this Font.

I’d try reaching out to Webflow support and see if they can help you. It seems like deleting Google fonts from your site used to be a capability but no longer is for the Google Fonts that are in the designer by default. But it has to be possible otherwise sites couldn’t be made GDPR compliant.

Are you using an embed that could be using it? Like a Google Maps embed or anything like that?

Nope, I checked all the embed we are using and none of them seems to use this Font. Also I can see that this font is part of a class which was made in designer but in designer the same class has a different font set. So yeah bit weird. Yeah I will try to ask support. Thank you very much.

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