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Integrate order and payment form -

Hi - need to add an order & payment solution to a new project on webflow.

Any recommendations or maybe examples would be most appreciated.

Thank you…

Hi @RoseWebStudio

Have you tried Stripe?

Lots of our users have used it before :slight_smile:

Thanks, was looking for an order form ( with options, upload pictures etc) with integrated payment at the end. Don’t think stripe does that?

Like a store?

I think Ecwid does that :astonished:
Then there’s also Foxycart

But these 2 are mostly used in stores, which are integrated with the website

Not a store a business directory selling advertising space. So user provides details of their listing including pictures and then payed for it. If that makes sense :smile:

Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything like that… Not much of a help here :L

But here, have a look and you might find something :

Otherwise, I hope some of the other guys will be able to help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your insight, fingers crossed someone in the forum can offer a tried and tested option.

Appreciate your time today

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No worries, I’m just sorry I wasn’t much of a help :confused:

You never know your suggestions might be helpful to me or fellow webflow peeps in the future.

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So after doing some further digging have found this anyone used it before?

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Nope, but I’ve used these:

Thanks, not sure I actually like the way the interactions work. E.g see a section, then move to next section, think users would prefer to see the whole form. Also seems rather expensive for what is basically a form. Wish webflow had this built in - dreaming I know…

Join the club!
And I understand your point of view, but the client chose that provider when I used them :slight_smile:

There’s a couple of items on the Wishlist about forms, you might even find one there:

Trouble is I can’t wait need it quite soon unfortunately

@RoseWebStudio What you’re after is possible with Foxy. In fact, you can use Webflow’s form builder to build out your submission form and tie it right into Foxy to handle the payment side of things. Feel free to message me and I can get you more info. I’ve got demos ready to go.


Thanks josh, be interest to see the demos. Only thing with webflow forms is that the user can’t upload items like images?

I’ll send you a private message. To workaround the image upload issue, you can integrate Uploadcare right into your Webflow form and pass data to Foxy:

Also, you can design and style your form elements in Webflow and then copy/paste the raw html, adding Uploadcare in a similar way:


@RoseWebStudio you could also do it with a plasso account. You can add a storefront, you can add extra fields to collect data then once paid redirect them to your site where you embed or display a file upload like I did with Google Apps Script here -->

I’ve been meaning to share the code for this too but it uploads to your Google Drive folder.

Not an all in 1 solution but it’s definitely customisable and very inexpensive.

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Thanks @chiefmonkey for the shout! Hey @RoseWebStudio! We just launched Flexkit! With Flexkit, you can turn any of your plain HTML forms into real actual payment, sign up and sign in forms. Simply build your forms how ever you’d like, then paste in a snippet of Plasso code and all your forms will magically work! Whether you’re accepting payments or signing up new customers/subscribers, it all just works. No API integrations or coding necessary! We have a 14 day free that can be extended (just let me know) so you can build your forms the way you want them.

Here are some helpful links also:

Embedding Plasso Storefront in Webflow
Using Flexkit for Recurring Payments in Webflow
Setting up User Authentication in Webflow

Happy Building! :call_me_hand:

@paywithplasso Is the Plasso Pro pricing required to use Flexkit?