Text over image

Hello everybody!

I stuck on putting text on image.

How to make this in webflow, guys? Is it possible?
I am new to webflow. Sorry for that kind of questions.

Hope to help from you guys.

Sure you can do it in webflow, you will need to use positioning in order to achieve that.

Thank you very much!
But how to do the same as in picture? I mean texts near every device. How to structure that?
As you see in picture there are 5 text blocks. How to put them in the same way like in picture? I was trying to google it, but couldn’t find the solution.
Sorry for english.
Thank you, guys.


Although this could be done with actual text it would definitely be easier to have the image of the phone and the three associated snippets of text all as a transparent PNG and then the main header and paragraph text placed in as normal.

Unless that text on the phone needs to change often then that’s definitely the way I’d do it. Will make things a lot easier in the long run.

Best wishes,


Hi, I didn’t understand you. Sorry
Can anybody help me to solve this problem?

Thank you very much, guys!

I’ll try googling more. Thank you guys

I uploaded these files. It would be great if you show me how to do that.
Thank you!

set that graphic as either a background or set it to absolute position. Then set your other text blocks as absolute position.

But make sure that you’re using percentage positioning rather than fixed pixels for fluid responsiveness :slight_smile:

I’ll try to do it. Thank you veru much )))

Hello @abbas
I’ve made a structure for you

Project HERE


Dude, you’re “the Wolf of Webflow!”
Great job helping our colleague!

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zbrah, thank you very much! Thanks for helping. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t see it in project, because there is another project on the link you posted.
I’m sorry, I was out of work and did’t see your message before.

Thank you, guys))

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