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Install Hubspot Tracking Code

Hi WF Friends - I need advice on how to install the Hubspot tracking code on our WF site.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


Go into your dashboard
Select Settings (the Gear Icon) for the Project
Select Custom Code
We have our js code in the Head Code.


so we add the tracking code to the header custom code section?


We don’t use Hubspot anymore…
but we have our GA code is there.

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Very helpful!
Cheers - M

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Hi, for some reason this doesn’t work anymore. I just tried it and had to reach out to hubspot support, and they couldn’t figure it out either. Does anyone else know how to do this now or has anyone done it recently?? Maybe something changed since 2017?


hi @Summer_Cook , did you ever solve this?? I’m really curious because I am figuring this out right now :slight_smile: -Emilia

Hubspot side - Copy your HubSpot tracking code:

Webflow side: Site setting > custom code tag > before body > paste (hubspot) code > save > Publish