Install a simple Buy button with Modal Checkout

I need help!

I have been searching to install a very simple modal buy button on a Webflow CMS.
I am building a platform where users can sell course online.
I need to integrate a Buy button and simple modal payment (just like stripe checkout 1.0)here where I generate the payment based on the CMS collection information (Product name, Price, Photo).
The Buy button is (with an Html Embed) in a collection list dynamic fields


I have been implementing Stripe checkout but it takes the user to another page and doesn’t enable me to add dynamic fields, unless I previously create the products in Stripe, which requires heavy API /automation integration which I didn’t manage.
Stripe seams the best solution, my nocode developments skills seems to restrict me from a proper integration.

The implementation is exactly what I need, enables me to dynamically change the product values with dynamic fields in the Html Embed, but I don’t need the cart, I want a more straight forward checkout. Just like the Stripe Modal checkout!
Plus the dashboard and overall experience en Foxy seems outdated and a bit clunky

I have implemented Snipcart, which like Foxy does a great job at creating a buy button with Dynamic fields. But again, I don’t need a cart.
There Dashboard and sales management interface is much more reinsuring than Foxy.

Other options I am considering,

I could create a shopify product everytime someone create a new course, but it would require to double up the product database in shopify then create a buy button… feels too much work for little gain

*Webflow Ecommerce
Too expensive for the need.

To recap:

Html Embed Buy button with dynamic Fields + Modal Checkout

Seem quite simple, but haven’t found the right set up.
Does anyone knows a straight forward solution?

Thanks for your help

Hi @Sylvain,

I totally understand your position, it’s a common process that’s difficult to choose. I’ve used a number of methods and each one will have positives and negatives, that typically cannot be customized.

I treated it like an apartment. Simply - what I don’t want to deal with? For me it’s water pressure; I can’t stand taking a shower that’s barely dripping water :smile:

When it comes to ecommerce, I really don’t like purchasing items without a cart on the same page. I don’t want to click 3 times to see what I put in there.

That’s why I recommend Shopify’s buy button, if you’re not going to use Webflow Ecommerce. The button is simply inserted onto the page and the head script dynamically adds a slide cart on the page. It doesn’t interfere with page design, layout or positioning of elements - it’s an overlay.

Items can be removed, added on the spot. And you get the back end system to manage products. There can be a product widget or just a button, for only $9. And you’re still using your Stripe account as the payment :wink:

To me Shopify’s is easiest ‘button’ solution - without question. Not even debatable; for the price.

Hope this helps.

Hi @ garymichael1313
Thanks for your reply.

I agree that Shopify is the most elegant way!
I have tried to implement it for the past few days.

  • I manage to automatically create a product and variant via Zapier
  • I manage to integrate the buy button dynamically in webflow (with Proudct-component ID, Shopify product Id, Variant Id)


I don’t manage to activate the product automatically as a buy button with zapier.
The product return as non active and I need to manually create a buy button.

Once the buy button is created and product is active, I don’t manage to find the Proudct-component ID in Shopify using zapier, and copy the Proudct-component ID back into the Webflow for the dynamic field.

Last, I don’t manage to add quantities to the product via Zapier when I create the product, it’s set at out of stock by default.

I have tried to use Webhook by Zapier to call the Shopify API and create the product this way and get all the required information for it to work, didn’t manage to find all I need as a GET.

Let me know if I am missing something

For now is the easiest way to implement but not looking as good as Shopify implementation, but works

Any help?

I have finally manage to install a buy button with dynamic field using zapier.

For it to work, you have to pass the following informations to zapier:

  • Shopify product ID
  • Variant ID
  • Product component ID

the product component ID, just needs to be any 13 digit number for it too work.

I didn’t find any ways to activate the buy button automatically. I still need to choose the product channel in shopify admin. If someone knows how to do that, I am happy to have the solution.

To add quantities, I use zapier Update Product Variant in Shopify.

Thanks @garymichael1313 for encourage me to try Shopify, it’s by far the most elegant solution


No problem, glad to help. Have fun!

I have integrated Shopify buy button to webflow CMS in a collection list.
I dynamically call the product with Shopify Item I’d, Component Item Id and Variant item Id.
But I wonder if anyone knows how to automatically publish a product as a buy button using Integromat or zapier?


Sorry I don’t know Integromat. I’ve used Zapier a little but I’m sure there are others here that are more adept with it.

Hey guys, can anybody give @Sylvain some help with Zapier?