Shopify Buy button redirects after payment

I have successfully integrated Shopify Buy button on a CMS collection using dynamic fields. Everything works well and is really pleasant experience.

Once the user checkout, he his redirected to Shopify then proceed to the payment.

The problem I have is that I don’t know how to redirect to my website after payment is completed!
Also, can I pass some parameter to Shopify to know which user (Memberstack) actually paid?

Does anyone have a solution?
@radicalrooster ? @garymichael1313?
Thanks for your help

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Hi @Sylvain

We also had this problem, one of many reasons we stopped using the Shopify Buy Button and moved over to Foxy which proved to be much simpler to setup and manage and far more flexible.

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer, it was something we looked in to but ultimately found it not to be possible, at least with our experience. Shopify can be customised to a certain extent, but we found their checkout is quite limited in terms of what you can do.

At least from my experience - It’s not possible. Perhaps someone else may have a more positive answer?

Thanks for the reply @radicalrooster

But I don’t understand how that’s even possible. Shopify would facilitate the integration of a buy button on any website but there is no way to send user back to where the buy button is located!

How that’s even possible?

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling Shopify want you to use their system as much as possible.

The buy button is a nice, quick, easy way to link to your store, but I think this is more aimed at those who may have two separate sites and want to link the two, or to give to affiliates to place buttons on their site.

As you said, once you click the buy button you leave Webflow and enter into Shopify’s world. I don’t think they’ll make it easy for anyone to then send users away from Shopify.

Also thinking about user journey - You click buy, complete the checkout, ideally you then want to be taken to a success page, not back to the product page of the item they’ve just purchased.

Apologies if it’s not the news you wanted to hear, I could be wrong and there may be some hidden crazy custom code you could use! But from my experience I wouldn’t go back to Shopify integrated buttons again. Foxy and even Webflow’s own eCommerce I feel are a better balance of effort and functionality.

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Thanks @radicalrooster

I tried the Foxy solution but I was turned off by there interface and difficulty to navigate in there.
It was supper easy to create the buy button with the cms parameters. But then I didn’t find info on how to modify the checkout.
If @foxy @bgarrant ou have any good webflow/foxy tutorial, I would give it another chance.

Else, does anyone have found a solution, custom code to go over this Shopify buy button restrictions

Thanks for your help

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Hi @Sylvain.
Thank you for your feedback. We have a new backend coming next year (it’s actively being worked on). That said, so much is or can be handled outside of Foxy (ex: product management, order management)

We have step-by-step instructions for adding a custom header/footer to your Foxy templates in Webflow. Also, it’s possible to modify the look and feel with custom html, css, and js. For what it’s worth, we have new templates coming next year that can be customized without any css experience.

Feel free to email us details on what you’re wanting to customize and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction:


Hi @Sylvain,

Yeah I understand. This is common sacrifice if you don’t build the ecommerce yourself. It will take some Javascript inserted into the Shopify page. I don’t write code, but I’ll try to look for a snippet write up and get back to you… I hope I can find something for ya :slight_smile:

There are a number of ways to do this;

  1. Add a button: Insert a button on the page saying “Go Back to Site Page”
  2. Add redirect code: Add code snippet on thank you page the automatically redirecting to site
  3. Use app: Use a Shopify app to customize the thank you process and redirecting to site

I would recommend using an app from the App Store. Otherwise, you’ll have to insert Liquid snippets in header and page locations. Various code options are out there, but its wise to use a Shopify app for this, because it can be handled inside your account.

Here are a few options:

If you want to use code, insert this:

In your Shopify Dashboard, go to the Settings > Checkout page. Scroll down and find the Additional Content & Scripts box. That box is where you add additional instructions or scripts you would like to show on the Thank You page of the checkout. In our case, we want that the existing Shopify “Thank You” page will redirect to our desired thank you page.

Paste this script inside the box, and replace the highlighted URL with your desired URL page.

See ya, have fun! :grinning:

Thanks @foxy @garymichael1313
I found the solution buy adding code in additional script

Then a button back to dashboard

Now I struggle with identifying the user.
Can I insert a {webflow user ID} in the buy button code so I can retrieve who made the order?
Anyone knows how to pass information via Buy button?