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Webflow X Shopify - Not Buy Button but dynamic Checkout

Hi everyone!

Nice to join the Webflow community!

Do you know how this site integrated a dynamic payment button to Shopify Checkout?

It seems to be not only a “simple” shopify buy button but an ecommerce webflow site that dynamically redirects the Webflow cart to the Shopify checkout.

I find this alternative great in terms of UI (we take advantage of all the webflow funnel but with the Shopify advantages).

Many thanks for replies,


Hi. Trying to figure out the same thing. Did you find any answers?

If you output a shopify theme from the Udesly Adapter, you can use Webflow’s cart and components.

It seems that the site is hosted with Webflow and that there is a bridge between the Webflow SideCart and the Shopify Cart. Maybe the Shopify cart API?

Maybe it is indeed Udesly but I haven’t seen a similar UX…

You’re probably right about the Shopify cart API. With Udesly conversion I get a different result.

That extension is smart, I like it.