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I need assistance with Instafeed.js to link div ids?


I’ve been researching the forums and I haven’t found anything that shows how to use Instafeed.js to create a template inside the custom code that’ll display on the website.

I found something from @_michaelcross here and I just wanted to find out how to make Instafeed.js work with Div ID’s as he did.

I looked through his read-only project but I cannot see the div’s that displays on the actual site on his project. I can only find it inside the “embed HTML” under Instafeed’s “template”.

I’m hoping if some one can please put me in the right direction or assist me with this!

Thank you all,


I sugest you read this. Instagram i shutting down API lib

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Thanks for providing me this! This helps me get a better understanding what each function can do but am I safe to assume the styling to the html template inside the embed block is located in the project settings of webflow?

Also, if Instagram is shutting down the API lib, how will third-party companies be able to provide their services? (E.g: Instawidget, Snapwidget and more.)

The solution was that I had some code underneath telling it when to display tagged posts but I didn’t make the code to say get “tagged posts”. I made it say “get recent.”

I hope this helps any one else who may run into this problem! Always make sure your not requesting something that isn’t there! (If that makes sense)