Insight on getting around the 10 reference field limit?

Collection A is a list of electronic products, with categories upon which those products can be rated (e.g. durability, aesthetics, cost etc). Each category is a reference field linked to Collection B, so I am currently limited to only 10 categories, but I need 23.

Collection B is a list of 10 ratings for each of the 23 categories (1 - 10 stars), and for each respective rating in each respective category, there is a unique image (230 possible unique images in total).

On the CMS Template Page for A, i.e. the ‘Product Page’, I have an HTML embed which pulls from the CMS the current product’s rating for each of the 23 categories, and the associated 23 images which represent those ratings - except it’s limited to just 10 of the 23 required categories and images.

Besides the limitation to 10 of the 23 needed categories and images, everything else is entirely as desired.

How would one go about recreating this using a third collection list C?

Have you tried using Finsweet Attributes? CMS Nest - Nest Webflow CMS Collection lists without limitations

Yes, but according to the documentation, that solution can’t be used on a CMS template page, which is required in my case.