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Inserting a trademark symbol

Ok. Somehow I know this is going to be something I should know by now. How do you enter a “trademark” or “copyright” symbol when typing text in Webflow?

What I do is just search on google “copyright symbol”, and then copy-paste into Webflow.

I also use this resource:


Thank you Sergie. Now how come I have to type “30 characters minimum” to say Thank you?

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This is not working for me. It’s very frustrating. I got it to work once with @ but can’t get it to work with #&169! Or figure out how to position embedded html © code. :frowning:

@DragonDon I do option+g it works great! :wink:

NOTE: I’m not on my Mac so can’t check but it might be g, h, j, or u. I sometimes get them confused

I kinda got it figured out. I just copied the character and pasted it. :slight_smile: