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How to type the copyright symbol in Text Block

Hope this is useful to others that may need to know (I just did, ‘©’ and other methods don’t seem to work in a text block).

To get the copyright symbol © to display, for Windows, hold down the Alt tab and type 0169. On releasing Alt the symbol appears.

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Or you can copy/paste from the “Character Map”, or from any website that has this in the page footer…

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Indeed, you are correct! Much simpler!

It didn’t occur to me to copy the actual symbol, instead I was trying to get the code values to work. Doh!

Just copy the symbol from here folks and paste into your page.


… now that you created this forum topic, users can just copy from the first post above.

Even better :+1: :+1:

i almost used for

ALT key and type 0169