Inserted into normal text DIV , and he climbs on top of DIV

I put the text in the DIV - block . But the height text indent somehow passed the DIV - block . And when I try to move the text, move the DIV , but not the text .

Developers help please! I grow old waiting for help. This is a very serious problem. The site can not be made. Hell 's going on.

Hey @Barsik,

I assume you’re having trouble with the fact, that the text is BEHIND the navigation and therefore you can’t drag&drop it.

What you can do here is:

  • Make the navbar position: fixed; instead of position: absolute; to have it always on top of the website

  • If you don’t want the navbar to follow the user, you can set it’s position to position: relative; and move the navbar inside of the Opening div.

Once you’re there you can work on your website :)

You might like our video tutorials on site structuring that are available in the Video Tutorials panel in bottom-left corner:

There is a section for Layouts where we have few videos where we speak about how to structure your website. Remember, that if the website is properly structured this will not only be easier for you to work on it, but also for the responsiveness, user to view it and search engines to crawl it.

Let us know if you have any other questions :)


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That’s the same thing, without the navbar. Establish spaces for text, but instead moves div

Try to change the indent of the text on the top and you 'll understand .

It seems to me like you’re trying to move the text with drag&drop feature where you should actually use paddings and margins for parent element.

Webflow doesn’t use absolute values for setting position of elements, but pure CSS that is set with our UI. Have you had a chance to watch the following videos? They are super helpful with understanding how designing fluid website works

Before I installed indent text, and move text and not a div . And only now has begun such hell. I have long use webflow, but that I see for the first time. This is an obvious bug. But the developers seem to focus not want this notice.

Maybe better to solve the problem? And do not pretend that it does not exist.
How can you not understand, before such was not !!!

The problem is open. Developers stop ignore the members.

Hi @Barsik, may I ask for you to send a screenshot or screencast, how you are trying to indent the text, where it is not working?

We are here to help get this resolved quickly, but first I need to understand better how this is not working for you. Thanks in advance!

With what is best to do a screencast?

Hi, are you on mac or windows?

I have Windows. I’ve never recorded screencasts .

Hi try this tool: it is a good quick way to record the screen as an animated gif, and drag that gif into your reply.

Could you also confirm the browser you are using and what version?

Thanks so much!

The video clearly shows how I insert div and set his background is . Then insert texts and appears indented THAT THERE SHOULD BE NO

I have Windows 10 Pro, Chrome 48.0.2564.109 m

And if I need that space? Why divas moves, when I do not touch? I did install the indent for a single item, and starts to move the other.

I insert one div to another. Establish spaces - the same thing happens.
Dear developers tell , HOW DO I DO SITE ??? !

Hey @Barsik,

We’re doing our best to understand the problem. From what I understand now is that while making a margin-top for the Heading 1 you want to have space INSIDE of the blue div.

Adding a Heading is creating that white space on top of the div which is an expected behaviour. That is how the margins are working and to proove it please have a look at the link here:

This one shows that there is a white margin/space on top of the div even that you think it should be on headings. You can play around with the margin-top value from in here:

Now, I’ve added one more heading with a class to which I applied not a margin, but a padding. That is creating a space on top and bottom of the heading but inside of the div.

If that is the case, then this is how HTML and CSS works.

Hopefully I’ve hit the spot and answered your question and concern :)


P.S. I’ve wrote HTML script with Jade engine, you can turn that to pure HTML by pressing the View Complied in HTML panel:

I’ve already written a hundred times, there is no !!! Previously, it was not! This problem appeared only today! I made this simple drawing . Even a child would understand what the problem is. developers , please have your attention



No, it was never like that. HTML and CSS doesn’t work that way. I am 100% sure of that.

Looking at your drawings: a margin-top given on the Text is going to push the entire DIV, not just the text. To have the space like you say it was working before (where text is pushed inside the div) is by using padding-top on DIV.

That’s just how HTML and CSS works.

You specifically kidding me?

No, I’m not. And please don’t treat me like that. I’m doing my best to understand the problem and to solve it.

Please build that with pure HTML/CSS either on your local machine or any of the online compilers like or

I’ve even made an example for you on (here) which shows that this is how it works. Also here is the example.

Webflow was always using its UI to visually build HTML and CSS “behind the scenes”. We didn’t change how html/css works. Can you please show me an example website of yours where this was working perfectly fine before? It might be a matter of structuring content properly.

The only thing I’ve found is where to THIS codepen I’ve added border: 1px solid #333;. As soon as it’s added it’s behaving like you want it to. Please see images below as a comparison.

**Without border** ![|432x500](upload://nWZIbpDNHRTQeLX6JoKV9pvxZXd.png)

With border

Whatever the case would be there is no Bug in Webflow and this is just how HTML/CSS works. The only way we could help with is by educating about the behaviour of HTML/CSS, which we are doing.