Won't let me type

I don’t know if I am completely missing the obvious here but in every text accommodating function I’ve tried (them all) it won’t let me type?


Your image “Size and position” are ahead of anything else you place. Drag a text block in and give it a position of not auto and set the z-index to 9999 so you can type in it.

Layout that may serve you better for adding additional items:

Thank you @Joe_Hoff
However I just put everything into a div but lost my background image and when I adjust the z-index I lose my heading.

Sorry, completely new to this!

Any explanation as to what I may be doing wrong?

You want to set your background image as the div back ground image. The picture on my last post shows it, but the webflow form cuts it off - open the image (click on it in the form post above) and you will see what I mean.

Also, please publish your changes to .io so I can see where you are at.

@Joe_Hoff I’ve set the div background and have set it to fixed but it won’t fill the background.


Set the div to Width: 100% (type it like that and hit enter) and 100VH (typed like that and hit enter) for height.

Also, then move your text and dropdown into the div.

@Joe_Hoff Thank you so much!

As for the text box I can’t see it’s outline anymore but to type in it would I just have to double click?


No, you have applied the “Size and Position” class to it and that has it at -129, so off the screen. Remove that class from it, or edit the class to bring it in to view.

Thanks @Joe_Hoff !
And the reason I had integrated the background image as the former was because I wanted it, once clicked, to transition to another image.

Is there perhaps a more seamless way to achieve this in the div background?

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