Fixed element dont stay fixed

Hello! I faced with strange trouble with position: fixed. Fixed element in designer mode working as expected, but in preview mode element dont stay fixed and working as position: absolute, i guess.

Here link page ‘text-page-with-img’.

My site contains alot of custom js and css. And I try to comment they all and check, but problem stays.

Sorry for my English, btw. Help me please :slight_smile:

Hi Benj,

Just to be clear and certain we talk about the same thing:
Designer mode is when you’re designing your site on with the toolbars on the right
Preview mode is the same but you’ve clicked on the eye icon and preview your site on, without the toolbars on the right
Published mode is when you publich your site and check it either on or

At the moment, when I check your site in desigenr and preview mode, I see the same thing. Fixed bar on the left and normal site on the right. What should be fixed and isn’t for you? Can you provide screenshot?

Hi! Thx for replay.

Yea, we talk about the same thing)

Here short video about my problem)

What exactly is the problem in the video? I have hard time to see a difference.

In designer mode left block (with socials) is fixed. Block always stays in the same place even if the page is scrolled down. But in preview and published mode position: fixed dosen’t work right.

Try to rework your structure for your fixed element to be higher in the hierarchy. Here I put it very high, under the body, and it works.

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